London, Bow.
Bow is a district in East London, England, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It is a built-up, mostly residential district located 4.6 miles (7.4 km) east of Charing Cross.. Select pictures for larger size.

Widows Son Pub
at the Widows Son pub. From Bromley by Bow underground station turn right and right again to cut off the corner into Devas Street. Carry on past the park on your right (notice the Duke of Cambridge at the back of the park, worth a visit if open. It was closed at the time of writing). Pass Devons road DLR station to reach the Widows Son on your left. Known locally as the Bun House.
75, Devons Road. E3 3PJ  Open all day from 11am. Sunday from noon. Free Wifi.
This pub has a little piece of history behind it. In the early nineteenth century, a woman who lived on this site was expecting her sailor son home on leave on Good Friday. She made some hot cross buns for him but he never returned. Living in hope, his mother would have a new bun waiting every Easter, adding to those she had kept from previous years. When she died, these buns were found hanging from a beam in her cottage. The tradition carries on today, with a bun added every Easter. Not much of a place other than the Bun story, no real ale or food.
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Retrace your steps a little and cross over into Campbell Road and follow to Bow Road. Go right to reach the Bow Bells on your right.

The Bow Bells.

The Bow Bells

116 Bow Road. E3 3AA open from noon daily. Free Wifi. Good range of ales, food served lunchtimes and evening.
A ghost who has the singularly annoying, not to say alarming, habit of flushing the toilet in the ladies when patrons happen to be sitting on it, haunts the pub!
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Cross the road from the Bow Bells and head left to the Little Driver.

The Little DriverThe Little Driver

125 Bow Road E3 2AN open daily from noon. Good ales and food served lunch and evening. Nice old pub with chatty barmaids. Read the history on the wall. There is a huge mirror advertising Hoares Stout.

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Turn right out of the pub, passing the end of Coborn Street and turn right into Coborn Road. The Coborn Arms is on your right.

The Coborn Arms

The Coborn Arms
8 Coborn Road E3 2DA. Open from 11am all day, Sun noon. Food all day from noon. Free Wifi and a good range of beers. Good friendly local. Barmaids are lovely as well.
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Turn right out of the Coborn Arms to see the Morgan Arms on the opposite side of the road.

The Morgan Arms

The Morgan Arms.  43 Morgan St Bow, E3 5AA London.  Open from 11am Mon-Sat. Sun from noon. Free Wifi.  Big bay windows, high-ceilings and ornate stained glass. Note the butchers slab used as a table.
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Continue down Coborn road and turn left into Lichfield Street. The Lord Tredegar is on your left.

The Lord Tredegar

The Lord Tredegar.  50 Lichfield Street. E3 5AL. Open noon daily.
Lord Tredegar, formerly Sir Charles Morgan of Tredegar, owned an area of land in the area. Between 1820 and 1832 buildings of a superior class were erected around what is now Tredegar Square. They still stand out from much of the surrounding housing. Lord Tredegar has two pubs, a square and a street named after him, for there is also a Morgan Street and Morgan Arms nearby.

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