London, St Pauls.
This walk takes in St Pauls Cathedral, Museum of London, Old Bailey and Temple Bar monument, ending at Cannon Street Station.

Shaws Booksellers
at the Shaws Booksellers pub. Nearest station Blackfriars. Go down Queen Victoria Street from Blackfriars to find St Andrew's hill on your left.
31-34 St Andrews Hill  EC4V 5DE  Open all day from noon. Closed Sat and Sun
Free wifi. Overpriced food.
Never actually a bookshop, Shaws takes its name from the 1997 Merchant-Ivory adaption of 'The Wings of the Dove' where the pub was dressed as a booksellers! Click the picture for the gallery and to comment.

From Shaws Booksellers, walk further up St Andrews Hill to the Cockpit.

The Cockpit


7 St Andrews Hill EC4V 5BY  020 7248 7315

This pub was built in the 1840's and its name recalls a time when cockfighting was a popular spectacle. The 'sport' was banned in 1849 so its hard to say if the new building lived up to its dubious name, but it is claimed the last, legal cockfight took place here.
 Open all day from 11am
. Closes early Sat and Sun, 3pm.
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Leave the Cockpit by the doors nearest the bar and head up narrow Burgon Street, crossing Carter Lane into Creed Lane to arrive at Ludgate Hill with St Paul's Cathedral on your right. Turn left downhill and then right up Old Bailey. At the end cross over to the Viaduct Tavern.

The Viaduct Tavern

126 Newgate Street EC1A 7AA  Open all day from 9am, Closed Sat and SunViaduct Tavern, Newgate, London
Built on the site of a former jail, this historic pub still has five of the cells visible in the basement.
The Viaduct Tavern is one of London's most haunted pubs it dates from 1875, and is the last example of a late Victorian gin palace left in the City of London. A lovely pub with plenty of original features, these include the booth where the landlady dispensed tokens - since staff couldn't be trusted with money - and the tokens were exchanged for gin.
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Turn left out of the Viaduct Tavern and cross the road at the remains of Christ Church Greyfriars, into the pedestrian alley leading to Paternoster Square. Walk under the arch to St Pauls Cathedral and turn left into walkway St Pauls Churchyard, turn right down New Change to reach narrow Watling Street on your left.

Olde Watling

Ye Olde Watling

  29, Watling Street, EC4M 9BR  Open from 10am Mon-Fri. From noon Sat- Sun
Ye Old Watling was allegedly built by Sir Christopher Wren, to accommodate labourers building nearby St Pauls.  It’s a dark wood and dark paintwork interior, with two smallish rooms but the large glass windows to the street mean it is never too gloomy inside. It is currently a Nicholson house, which means the beer choice is usually quite good (TT Landlord, Pride, Black Sheep and Harveys Best.
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Our next pub is down an alleyway from Bow lane, Williamsons Tavern.Williamsons Tavern

Williamson's Tavern
1, Groveland Court, off Bow lane. EC4M 9EH  Open 10am Mon-Fri. Closed Sat-Sun
Said to hold the oldest excise licence in the City, the original tavern has a distinguished history. Originally a residence for the Lord Mayors of London, and William III and Mary dined here. The original pub dates to the 17th Century, not long after the Great Fire of London and was rebuilt in the 1930s. Click the picture for the gallery and to comment.
Continue along Watling Street, cross Queen Victoria Street, head down Queen Street to Cannon Street. Follow to Cannon Street Station then turn right into Bush Lane to find the Bell.

The Bell EC4R

The Bell

29, Bush Lane, EC4R 0AN. Open from 11am Mon-Fri. Closed Sat-Sun

The pub is small and full of character, as you would expect from a pub that dates from before the Great Fire of London. The gents are so tiny, that it's difficult to fit any more than one person in at a time.Not much seating here, but a really friendly atmosphere.  Click the picture for the gallery and to comment.

A good range of beers is usually available.

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