London, Jack the Ripper Tour

Jack the Ripper is the best known name given to an unidentified serial killer active in the largely impoverished areas in and around the Whitechapel district of London in 1888. Our walk takes us to the crime sites and the pubs used by the victims. Select pictures for larger size.

Ripper Museum
Jack the Ripper Museum
Start from Algate East Station. Cross the main road turn left and then right into Leman Street. At about the 4th left turn left into Cable Street. The museum will be on your right

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Turn right out of the Museum and then turn left onto Back Church Lane. Turn right onto Fairclough St and then left into Henriques street, formerly Berner Street. There is a school gate on your left. Just to the left of this gate is where Dutfield's Yard used to be. This was between a working mens club no. 40 and 42.

Dutfield's Yard
Dutfield's Yard
Stride's body was discovered close to 1 a.m. on Sunday 30 September 1888 by Louis Diemschutz, the steward of the Workers' Club, in the adjacent Dutfield's Yard. Diemshutz drove into the yard with a pony and two-wheeled cart, when his horse shied. The yard was so dark that he was unable to see her body without lighting a match. With blood still flowing from a wound in her neck, it appeared that she was killed just moments before he arrived.

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Continue down Henriques Street to Commercial Street. Turn left and then 2nd right into Adler Street. You will soon be passing Altab Ali park on your left.

Altab Ali Park

Altab Ali Park

This park was the site of St Mary's church which was bombed out in WW2. You can see the layout of the church marked on the ground. St Mary's Park is where Emma Smith walked from on April 3rd 1888 to eventually meet her death. She was a possible but not totally accepted ripper victim.

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Turn left into Whitechapel and continue along the High Street until you reach the White Hart on your right.

The White Hart

White Hart Aldgate

The White Hart has the workplace (in the basement) of a universally accepted ripper suspect, Severin Klowsowski who had a barbershop business. His assumed name was George Chapman. He was known to have a violent streak and was found guilty of killing three of his wives in 1903
Traditional pub with a good range of ales. Ripper victim Martha Tabram was found dead in the alley to the right of the pub. Good food available lunch and evenings, including Thai.

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The alleyway at the side of the pub leads to what was known as George Yard.

George Yard Aldgate

George Yard
The body of Martha Tabram, another possible ripper victim, was found in this yard on the 7th August 1888.

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Continue into what is now Gunthorpe Street then left into Wentworth Street. You will find Culpepers (originally the Princess Alice) on your left at the junction with Commercial Street.

Princess Alice

The Culpeper (Princess Alice)

40 Commercial St, London E1 6LP  Closed Monday, Tue-Thurs 8am-12am, Fri-Sat 8am-2am, Sun 10am-11pm. The present building dates from 1883/4 when it had 5 stories.. The top two floors were lost to bombing. The pub was frequented by "Leather Apron" (John Pizer) a ripper suspect who threatened prostitutes with a knife. Frances Coles, a possible victim drank in here

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Retrace your steps down Wentworth Street and then turn left into Thrawl Street. Walk down the narrow alley to the right to Join Brick Lane and the Sheraz Balti, the street location of the attack on Emma Smith.

Frying Pan

Sheraz Balti (Frying Pan)

Good reasonably priced Indian cuisine. Hotel above.Mary Anne Nichols spent her last evening in the Frying Pan but had run out of money and she left the pub to earn some more. She drank this money and now completely drunk she was last seen alive on the corner of Osbourne Street and Whitechapel Road.

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Turn right down Brick Lane towards Osbourne Street and take the second left into Old Montague Street (just before the Archers pub). Keep on for a few hundred yards until you reach Vallance Road (where the Kray twins lived at 178). Turn right and then left into Durward Street.

Bucks Row

Durward Street (Bucks Row)

Durward Street was originally called Bucks Row and is where the body of Mary Anne Nichols was found on the morning of the 31st August 1888. See our pictures for the exact location of the body.

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Return down Vallance Road and left onto Old Montague Street to turn right down a footpath into Hanbury Street. Keep on Hanbury Street all the way to Brick Lane and the old Trumans Brewery. Cross Brick Lane and on the right in Hanbury Street was where 29 stood.

Hanbury Street

29 Hanbury Street

The body of Annie Chapman was found in the back garden. A passage ran from the front of the house into the back garden that was often used by prostitutes.

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Keep on to reach Commercial Street and turn left passing the Golden Heart (enter if you dare!) to reach the Ten Bells, our third pub.

Ten Bells

The Ten Bells

84, Commercial Street, E1 6LY  Opens noon daily. Wells Bombadeer.
This is a pub that was very popular with the prostitutes and a pub where Annie Chapman and Mary Kellie drank.

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Continue down Commercial Street to Fashion Street on your left. Catherine Eddowes lived at no.6. More of her later. On the directly opposite side of Commercial Street is Whites Row which is where Dorset Street was near. The Brittania pub was on the corner (see pics) and Mary Kelly lived here in Millers Court.

The Brittania Spitalfields

The Brittania

87 Commercial Street, where it now says Private no parking in unamed service road.

Now demolished. Used by Mary Kelly , Annie Chapman and other prostitutes.

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Unfortunately the service road is locked and you cannot walk down it to the sites of Millers Court and the Horn of Plenty.

Millers Court

Millers Court

This is where Mary Kelly lived.
The murder was committed at Kelly's lodgings which were situated at No. 13, Miller's Court entered from a passageway between 26 and 27, Dorset Street.

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Horn of Plenty

The Horn of Plenty

5 Crispin Street
Demolished in 1928, it was another drinking place of Mary Kelly, with her partner Joseph Barnett who lived with her for her final year.

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Cross Crispin Street into Artillary Lane. Where the road turns right take rhe footpath to the left which brings you to Widegate Street and the King's Stores, our fourth pub.

The King's Stores

The King's Stores

14 Widegate Street E1 7HP    Open all day from noon.
Old Bustard, Red Wedge, Trumans Lazero and Rippers Tipple - a favourite of Jack the Ripper. Loud music can be a feature here but the place is nice, if a bit rowdy.Free wifi.

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Turn right out of the pub down Sandy's Row. Turn left down Frying Pan Alley and at the end turn right down Bell Lane. Walk straight on crossing Wentworth Street into Goulston Street. The shop will be on your left.

Happy days

Goulston Graffiti

Happy Days Fish Restaurant.  44-46 Goulston Street E1 7TP  11am to 9pm Mon-Fri.

The counter of this Fish and Chip shop is where thec Goulston Street Graffiti was found written on the wall. "The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing" and various other versions have been recorded. Anti semetic feelings were strong in the area at the timw. although the meaning of the message is not clear.

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Continue to the end of Goulston Street at Aldgate. Turn right and cross the roads to continue in the same direction. You will see the Hoop and Grapes across the road, our fifth and last pub.

Hoop and Grapes Aldgate

Hoop and Grapes

47 Aldgate High St, London EC3N 1AL    Opens 10am daily, closed Sat and Sun

Doom Bar, Nicholsons Pale Ale.
Oldest timber framed pub in the city. Survived the 1666 fire of London.
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Turn left out of the Hoop and Grapes. Head down Aldgate High Street. Turn right into Mitre Street. Turn right into Mitre Square.

Mitre Square London

Mitre Square

Here was found the body of Catherine Eddowes, where the chair is. Her mutilated body was found there at 1:45 in the morning on 30 September 1888. The blue plaque marking the position has been stolen by descendants of Jack the Ripper.

The City police took her in at 8pm on the evening of September 29th for being drunk, holding her in the cells at Bishopsgate Police station until she sobered up. Her release came at 1am, approximately the same time that Jack was murdering Liz Stride half a mile away in Whitechapel. She then was murdered shortly afterwards.

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Retrace your steps to the Aldgate Underground.

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