Huish Episcopi Heritage Pub.

Huish Episcopi is a village in Somerset, England, situated on the outskirts of Langport.
One of the most popular landmarks in Huish Episcopi is the Rose and Crown pub. The pub is described at length in The Longest Crawl by Ian Marchant.
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The Rose and Crown, Huish EpiscopiThe Rose and Crown

The Rose and Crown at Huish Episcopi, TA10 9QT.
Opening Times
Weekdays 11.30 - 3, 5.30 - 11 Sundays 12 - 10.30

The Rose and Crown, Somerset has been an inn since it was built in the mid-17th century. It has been in the family of the present licensees for four generations. The inn is affectionately known as Eli's after Samuel Eli Scott who on New Year's Day in 1920 at St Mary's Church, Huish Episcopi, married Maude Lillian Slade, the daughter of William and Jane Slade, the founders of the present dynasty. Don't look for the bar, there isn't one! The inn is very unusual in having a taproom rather than a bar. Good home cooked food is available.

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