Banbury   Length 1.0 miles    Walking time 20 minutes.

Banbury is a significant commercial and retail centre for the surrounding area, which is predominantly rural. Banbury's main industries are car components, electrical goods, plastics, food processing, and printing. Banbury is home to the world's largest coffee-processing facility (Mondelēz International), built in 1964. The town was famed for Banbury cakes – similar to Eccles cakes but oval in shape. Since July 2000 Banbury has hosted a unique gathering of traditional mock animals, from around the UK, at the annual Banbury Hobby Horse Festival. From the railway station walk up to the main road and turn right to cross the railway inti Grimsbury. You will see the Bell Inn shortly on your right.

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Bell BanburyStart at the Bell Inn pub.
12 Middleton Road OX16 4QJ. 12-2.30,5-11 Mon-Thu; 12-11.30 Fri&Sat; 12-10.30 Sun
Adnams Southwold Bitter, 2 guest beers. Traditional friendly locals pub.
Parking, Pub Garden, Dog Friendly.
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Retrace your steps across the railway and keep straight on to cross the main road into the town centre. Keep to the left fork following the signs to Banbury Cross. You will reach the Exchange on your right.

The Exchange

Exchange Banbury
49-50 High Street  OX16 5LA
8am-Midnight Mon-Thu; 8am-1am Fri; 8am-2am Sat; 8am-Midnight Sun
Food served all day. Greene King Abbot, Ruddles Best Bitter, many guest beers.
Free WiFi.   Large split-level Wetherspoon bar occupying the former main post-office and telephone exchange in Banbury.
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Walk on to find the Banbury Cross monument and the fine lady on the cock horse statue.

Banbury Cross MonumentThe Banbury Cross Monument
Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,
To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
And she shall have music wherever she goes.

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Turn into South Bar Street where you can see The Swan

The Swan

Swan Banbury
3 South Bar OX16 9AA Open 11-Midnight Mon-Thu; 11-1am Fri&Sat; 12-Midnight Sun

Sadly this pub appears a little run down. Please let me know when it improves.
It must have some good points but I could not find them.  I tell a lie! the music was great and the Doombar was perfect.

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Retrace your steps to the monument and cross into Horse Fair. Walk on passing the Church House Restaurant on your left. Continue into North Bar Street and turn right into Parsons Street to the Old Auctioneer on your left.

Old Auctioneer BanburyThe Old Auctioneer pub and restaurant.
44 Parsons Street OX16 5NA 
11-Midnight Mon-Fri; 10-Midnight Sat; 11-10 Sun
Wings, ribs and cheesecake to die for! 12-9, 12-10 Fri-Sat
Free Wifi. Parking. Pub Garden.
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Continue down Parsons Street to the Reine Deer Inn.

The Reine Deer Inn

Reine Deer Banbury
47 Parsons Street OX16 5NA
11-11 Mon-Sat; 12-11 Sun Monday – Saturday
Food 12pm- 3pm, 6pm - 9pm  Sunday 12pm - 3pm. Rook and blackbird pies.
The fabric of this historic Hook Norton house contains what is believed to be the only known remaining medieval building in the town of Banbury. The octagonal panelled rear 'globe room' is reputed to be where Cromwell held court during the Civil War campaign around Banbury. Hook Norton Ales, Parking, Pub Garden.
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Continue to the end of Parsons Street into the Market Place. Keep on ahead towards the right side and follow the signs back to the Station.

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